Suffer for Fashion

June 17, 2009, 1:06 pm
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Stuck in my head: Useful Chamber by Dirty Projectors

This album is AMAZING.


Slogging Through
June 9, 2009, 8:59 pm
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I’ve been wearing the same Passion Pit t-shirt for the past two days, and I feel like I’ve been writing in circles for days (working on a project about fashion photography.)…this is what happens when you fall behind and finals creep up on you. But tomorrow night I will be done, and the only stressful thing left to do will be to pack up all my crap and lug it home!

Looking Good?
June 2, 2009, 3:12 am
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It’s 2 in the morning, which is actually fairly early in my time-warped little brain, but it seems much later because, normally, EBF (the Enchanted Broccoli Forest, if you didn’t know. My second [first?] home) at this time would be crawling with activity. Specifically, my friends (all guys, all on as ridiculously unnatural time schedules as me) would normally be playing Super Smash Brothers, watching Arrested Development, raiding the kitchen for late night snaks, hopping in the car to go to Safeway or In n Out, or just wreaking havoc in general. But instead, I’m sitting here, contemplating what music will least disturb my boyfriend in his sleep (he’s sick, poor boy, and is currently curled up bed), and thinking about something we were talking about earlier. He was contemplating some newsboy-ish cap he’s recently acquired god knows where, and I was moaning and complaining about how hideous it was (it is, believe me. Almost as bad as the fedora he likes to wear sometimes. Ugh), and he asked, “If I like it, doesn’t it not matter?”, which posed a problem to me.

See, I generally like to think that people can wear anything they please, and all you have to do is really own it! And so, I guess I should be inclined to agree with him (and he compared it to a discussion we often have about my dancing, as I’m rather put off by the fact that he doesn’t really see the point of dance performances, and I love dance unconditionally, since, well, it’s in my body and soul), but, as I sat there, Crocs, Stanford sweatpants, and babydoll dresses from Forever 21 swimming threateningly before my eyes, I couldn’t really decide what I thought. I have to assume that the people who wear these things like them (should I assume that we like the clothes we wear? A whole other dilemma entirely, I’m afraid…), and so, does the fact that these things are just so, so, demode make them not ok, or does the fact that the people who wear whatever-it-is like their clothes make their hideousness irrelevant?

“Of course it doesn’t matter, silly! Fashion is arbitrary in the end, you know,” my brain chattered, but, then again, I wasn’t sure. Sure, who really cares if I approve of someone’s outfit, who cares if Anna Wintour approves, I mean, who even cares if Kate Lanphear herself approves? As long as you’re happy, it hardly matters, right? After all, I wear black feather headdresses on my head, 5 inch heels to bike across campus, bejeweled bustiers to go to work, and what do I tell everyone who marvels at my attire, what do I tell myself every day? That I like my clothes, and I don’t care at all about what other people think! I get stares, weird looks, comments, both good and bad, about my clothes every day, but since I like them, it’s okay, I’m happy to put up with all kinds of feedback.

But there must be things that are just so bad that they’re still not really okay, even if you like them (crocs crocs crocs crocs)! I mean, yeah, they’re ultimately okay, in that fuzzy, everything is okay kind of way, they’re okay in a final, philosophical way, but are they Okay? If everyone hates it, tells you it’s hideous, but you love it, should you wear it? If not everyone, but someone you actually care about (or someone whose opinion you happen to respect) hates it, but you love it, should you wear it?

I’ve spent the past few hours thinking about this (don’t be alarmed, I also did other things), and I can’t say I have any great conclusions or answers, but I suppose it comes down to how much you care about the other person’s opinion, and if it makes you want to stop wearing whatever clothing it is. Ah, I’m rambling, and it’s about time I put myself to bed. Mostly I just hope William doesn’t wear that hat too often.