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I need 10 or 15…skirts…
April 30, 2009, 10:21 pm
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Today, I was shopping for skirts for The Closet, and I realized that I’m just not really a skirt person. I wear plenty of them, I wear skirts and dresses more often than pants probably, but as I scrolled through pages and pages of skirts, my eyes began to glaze over and my reaction to most of them was “meh”. They were just circles of fabric with different prints! But what about skirts makes them difficult to shop for for me? I guess I’m just super picky when it comes to a skirt (more so than when it comes to dresses, strange, no?). I tend to always go short (the shorter the better for my stumpy legs!), and I really just like a nice bodycon skirt. I’m rarely excited about the amazing new skirt I saw or bought. The same goes for shorts. Something about skirts just gives me trouble when it comes to shopping. Maybe I’m more of a pant person than I thought…nahhh.


Wearing 04.16.09
April 17, 2009, 7:36 pm
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p1030845I’m alive…really. My life’s been rather hectic, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the blog, where it’s going, what I’m doing right and wrong, etc., etc., and taking my time deciding in what direction I want to take this. The blog isn’t something I want to half-ass and not really put time and effort into, and in the past couple months or so that’s what it’s become, and I’m just not satisfied with that. My focus right now is really on my sanity, my friends, and my work, and I want to figure out how to make this little project into something that I really want ot put effort into. I tend to get a little scared halfway through projects, as I have trouble finishing things and I’m always failing halfway through. I’m not self-absorbed enough to really think that people actually care about what I’m posting, but, in the rare chance anyone actually does care, I’m sorry for the spotty posting. I just want to do this the best way I can, and I want to take my time to figure out what that entails instead of rushing into anything and ending up creating something I don’t love.

On that random and possibly useless note, this is what I wore yesterday! Whoo! I probably overwear my Alexander Wang wool vest, but it just goes sooo well with everything! I can’t get over it. I went to the Alex Wang trunk show today at Barney’s and picked myself out some (read: too many) pieces from the fall collection. And, in the biggest surprise ever, my mom even got a bag! It’s an amazing bucket bag, and I will definitely be borrowing it often, much to her dismay that she can’t carry it all the time. I got a bag too, a big oversized fanny pack cross-body bag (does that sound crazy? well it is.) with the most awesome hardware, some shoes (I will not be thwarted this season in my quest to get some Alexander Wang shoes!!! Failure is not an option!), and a couple clothing pieces. I needed approximately…none of it…but it was just too good to pass up. Everything from the fall collection was amazing in person, or maybe I’m just brainwashed into slavish worship of his clothes. It’s kind of a problem.