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The Midwinter Frolic
February 5, 2009, 4:47 pm
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44502_002_122_877loSo, for some unexplainable reason (and some explainable ones), I’m really, really Juergen Teller’s Spring Marc Jacobs ads. Accusations of it being “safe” and “commercial” are lost on me, because, while, yes, that may be true, as soon as I look at most of the images, I feel all warm and fuzzy and happy inside. I’ve really been on this strange “weather” kick, where the weather is really intriguing to me. It probably has to do with this abnormally warm Northern California winter, but I’m really liking winter, because the winter air, and the light, has this frosty, cool, but not frozen quality to it that I’d never really appreciated before. And that wintery, but not snowy, vibe is really apparent to me in the new Marc ads. The bleached-out, harsh-ish (I say harsh-ish because it is nowhere near harsh compared to some of Msr. Teller’s other work) colors, coupled with an outdoor setting, clicked with me instantly. I’m also kind of obsessed with the fact that it was shot in a grove of pomegranate trees. I love pomegranates. I love a good boundary-pushing image as much as the next girl, but I don’t really think there is anything wrong with liking some plain, old, pretty imagery once in a while. It makes me want to hang out in a pomegranate grove on a cool, overcast day soooo much. Oh, and I’ve had a thing for furniture in random outdoor settings ever since I found a chair not unlike the one above next to the lake on campus. The images whisper to me instead of shout, and I kind of love that. Plus, it totally makes me want to wear Marc’s spring collection, and that IS the point of an ad, isn’t it?

I put a few more pics after the jump, because they’re fun to look at.



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