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Hooray Nice People!
January 14, 2009, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Charity Fashion Show

Agh. I’ve been rather MIA, haven’t I? Between a harrowing week of modeling auditions for Charity Fashion Show, back to school madness, and a nasty cold I caught over the weekend (too much partying? yes.), I’ve been rather quiet on the blogging front. Every day, I mean to at leaast post outfit pictures, but I’m running around so much I never get around to it. But I have good news!

1. Modeling auditions are over! We have models for Charity Fashion Show! They are awesome! Yay!

2. I will probably be up in Tahoe this weekend, and won’t be updating. Nyar.

3. I HAVE DESIGNERS. YES. YES I DO. Finally, life is looking up a bit, because MAN I was getting discouraged/disgruntled/frustrated/all those negative-y things by having no designers. But now I have more than 1! The amazing Jesse Finkelsteing of JF & Son emailed me the day after I emailed him saying he wanted to participate. A designer, whose clothes I really like, wants to participate! I was a little starstruck by the fact that he emailed me himself (I know, I’m a huuuuge dork like that. Designers are my celebrities.), and incredibly impressed that he was so prompt in responding. Bigger names could learn to be as prompt as he is. Hell, I could learn to be as prompt as he is. But yes, behold! The amazingness that is JF & Son!

I love all things sheer, so it’s pretty reasonable that I would love this so much, but ack. I want it. And I’m so excited to see his fall collection next month (!).

My other designer is Reverie, designed by the very nice Ronit Genik. Her fall 2008 collection isn’t online for some reason, but her deep space print dress is amazing.

I have a thing for space, so I want this dress. Very badly. You can hardly tell it’s a print of deep space. I wish more people stocked her collection, so I could fawn over more pieces.

So hooray success, and hooray for nice designers who make my job of upping the design quality at Charity Fashion Show just a tiny bit easier!

pictures: JF & Son and Refinery29

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