Suffer for Fashion

January 14, 2009, 5:10 pm
Filed under: Musings

The other day, as I was extolling the virtues of Ann D.’s recent collection, my dad commented that I say things are amazing too often. “How can everything be amazing?” he argued, noting that only a select few things can be amazing or awesome, and the rest is all worse than that. “You say something is so amazing, etc, etc, but then you’re on to the next thing and the old things isn’t amazing anymore.” “But…lots of things are amazing!” I replied, wide-eyed. I struggled to explain why I so frequently describe things as amazing, and while I probably do tag that adjective onto things far too often, when I say it, it does come from a belief that whatever I’m describing really is great.


I maintain that Julian Louie's spring collection is amazing. I refuse to take it back.

Maybe it’s my few years that make everything so new and exciting, maybe it’s my intensely emotional personality, but when things catch my eye, they evoke this overly crazed and excited reaction. I become obsessed with things easily, whether they be clothes, shoes, music, or the weather (I am sooo obsessed with the beautiful mid-January weather right now. I’m bed-ridden, feeling woozy and miserable, but I have my windows thrown open so I can feel the beauty that is a mid-winter warmth wave). Beautiful things, art, music, fashion, whatever, are pretty much what I live for, and they make my heart flutter, so much that I have no way to explain myself except to exclaim that things are “amazing” and “awesome”. When I write, I try a taaad harder (though probably not enough) to be more descriptive and specific, but when I’m just talking, the word “amazing” comes flying out of my mouth a little too often.

So pardon me if I seem to be too excited about things, if I’m not cool and collected enough about my crazes. I’m a creature of impulse, and I’m prone to following whims and half-thoughts. I’m actually a pretty cynical, jaded person, and this is one of the few things that I’m still a starry-eyed child about.


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