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Scratch n Sniff
December 30, 2008, 1:25 pm
Filed under: Gareth Pugh, Preen

f8sisc-4gareth_1It is nearly impossible for me to find a perfume. Most perfumes make me dizzy, and my nose basically doesn’t exist. When people talk about top notes of this blah blah blah I just get confused. I only know if I like something or not when I smell it, and I tend to like things that don’t really “smell”, which is probably why I’ve never found a perfume I really, reallllly wanted to wear. But I’m really intrigued by Six Scents, a collaboration between 6 awesome designers and 6 cool perfumers. The boxes are super cool, my favorite being (of course) Gareth Pugh’s “Diagonal” box, but after reading the descriptions, I think I’d like the smell of Preen’s “Teen Spirit” scent best (plus how hilarious is it that they called it Teen Spirit!?! It smells like teen spirit! Bwahahaha!). Or Bernard Willhelm’s “Wicken 3000”, because it sounds light and airy. I wouldn’t be able to tell unless I actually smelled them, which is pretty much impossible, since it doesn’t seem like they’re sold anywhere near me. Muuurrrrr. Want to smellll!


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