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December 29, 2008, 12:59 pm
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NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (ok, so it’s yesterday’s picture of the day). I never get tired of looking at pictures of space. I’m completely mesmerized by nebulas, stars, galaxies. Also I’m secretly a dork, so reading and thinking about how things like the Crab Pulsar were formed makes me really excited. The neutron star at the center is only the size of a CITY but it’s got more mass than the Sun! It went supernova a thousand years ago!!!! SO COOOOOL. It makes me want to wear electric blue and black. How amazing would a wispy blue pattern like this be??


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Fellow space lover here. Have you checked out Carl Sagan’s speech on “Pale Blue Dot”? (i.e. the earth viewed from 4 billion miles away) You’ll love it.

Meanwhile, cool fashion statements. Take care and see you around in cyberspace!

Comment by Mark T. Market

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