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December 7, 2008, 4:40 pm
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My friend A has recently started a little blog of his own to post his awesome musical mixes. If you like house, electronic music, dancing, or French people (come on, who doesn’t like at least one of those things?), check it out! There’s some great stuff.

Oh, yeah, it’s in French, but that’s ok. I don’t speak French at all. Music transcends language barriers!


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Hey ! Thanks a lot for your support, that’s very cool 🙂
I hope you enjoy my music, uh ?
I’ve just made the 5th, it’s online if you wanna check it out !
Thanks again Lauren,

Your friend A.

Comment by Alexandre

Of course! I had to spread word of your awesome new project. I’m listening to your 5th mix right now! I really like it. Even after just 5 mixes, I can definitely see your work getting better and better. This new mix flows really well!

Comment by laurenqn

what is the link? I tried clicking on it and it said page not found 😦

Comment by Kelcey

oops! had the wrong link! sorry kelc. but i fixed it! onward to awesome house mixes!

Comment by laurenqn

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