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The Christmas Wishlist
November 27, 2008, 2:38 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m just about to go over to my grandma’s house to stuff my face full of turkey and mashed potatoes and other fun, Thanksgiving-y edibles. And in the spirit of self-indulgence which so permeates the air today, I’m posting my Christmas wish list. I’ve never been into making lists of what I want for Christmas. It seems kind of weird and greedy, telling people what you want for Christmas. When I was little, my relatives would always ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and my sheepish answer would always be “I don’t know…” But the other day, the mothership asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and while I may not ever be able to think of anything to ask my other relatives for, I definitely have things in mind for my parents. With that in mind, I thought up some things that I’ve been craving for a long, long time, and a couple things (not very many, sadly) that might actually be attainable. Hah. I figured that as long as I’m dreaming, I should indulge myself. So, I present my Christmas withlist. A huge percentage of it consists of shoes, and most everything is black/grey. How is that sooo not surprising.


givenchyxmasFirst, and probably most important: THE Givenchy peep-toe boots. They’re just so beautiful. I want these shoes more than any other shoes right now (besides the fall Louboutin for Rodarte shoes, which I’m pretty sure are impossible to find.), which is quite a feat, considering how many shoes I want all the time. The wedge, the velcro, the peep toe, it’s just so perfect. Ugh. But yeah, I’ll pretty much take any Givenchy shoes.


While we’re on shoes, how badass are these LD Tuttle boots? I’m usually not big on the scrunched boots, but these are pretty sick. I’ve been pretty impressed by LD Tuttle recently. Hence why I have two pairs of their shoes on my list.

ldtuttlefeathersI have been obsessed with these for a while. I posted about them a while ago, and now they’re ridiculously sold out everywhere. Also Erin Wasson used them in her presentation of her RVCA line. Man do I love those feathers. This is more of a dream that will never come true, because I can’t find these shoes anywhere anymore. Sadness.

These Stella McCartney boots are UNBELIEVABLE. I want to lick them. they are so amazing. They have my size.


Next up: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s leather dress. I saw this at Barney’s a while back, and I CAN’T get it out of my head. It is absolutely gorgeous in real life. It’s not a leather dress that screams and is all scary and fetish-y, it’s most like just a really cool dress that just happens to be made of leather. The sleeves are so awesome.


Look! Something that isn’t clothes! It’s a miracle! So yeah, I saw these ceramic pots by Jonathan Adler and fell in love. I especially like the Love and Hate ones. How amazing are they in black?? I have absolutely no idea what I would put in a jar labeled “hate”, but they are beyond cool, and I love the apothecary jar vibe. Jonathan Adler is so cool. Also, the top banner of his website says “ – your 24-hr pot dealer.” I LOVE IT.

xmas2And it’s back to clothes. That was quick. So I’ve been wanting to try out drop-crotch pants for a LONG time, and haven’t yet been able to find a pair I was willing to buy slash I’ve never even tried a pair on. But I KNOW I want these. I’ve been eying them at Oak. Now they’re sold out, but they’d better get more! THEY ARE SO AWESOME. I can just imagine the stares I’ll get on campus with these, but it’s so worth it.


I pretty much love EVERYTHING at Oak, so it was hard to choose things for this list, but I absolutely love this knot dress by Obesity and Speed. The off-the-shoulder sleeves (a recent obsession that needs to be fufilled), the knot print, the slouchiness, it pretty much screams me. I may just break down and buy it for myself.

This AWESOME black diamond and gold pendant by Mizuki. Actually I can’t decide whether I like the black diamond or regular diamond version better. Either way, the people who matter know where to find this (*wink wink*) beauty. I like it so much, I would even consider replacing my current necklace-that-I-never-take-off with this. I’ve worn my little sand dollar for almost 5 years straight (as in I NEVER take it off). I think that’s pretty good, right?

xmas4Moving in the same slouchy, drapey vein, I love this Junya Watanabe top. I’ve been searching high and low for my first Junya piece for a few years (yes, years), and Japanese designers are extremely under-represented in my closet, especially considering how much I like them. I’m not much of a turtleneck person, but this top seems incredibly comfy and warm and cryptic.

xmas5And then, there are the things that are not black! Ok, so they’re not that far off from black, but I’m trying, I’m trying. These cutout “boots” from Topshop are pretty cool looking, and they would look sooo cool with tights. And they’re pretty nice-looking for high street.

xmas6Another cool Topshop find, this grey biker jacket looks both warm and cool, with just enough structure, and an awesome zipper (of course). It’s also something I would totally wear all the time.

Lanvin jewelry is absolutely amazing. I would take pretty much anything, especially from this season. Man. Looking at it makes me want to cry.

And what wish list would be complete without Pierre Hardy’s amazing shoes for Balenciaga? He makes me WANT TO WEAR POINTY SHOES (and I absolutely HATE pointy shoes), this is how skilled he is. These are so badass.

And finally, while I’m off in dreamland, next season’s Lanvin shoes are pretty much to die for. I can’t even decide which pair I like most. Gaaah. Gorgeous. And on that happy note, I’m off to sew some more pillows (I’m on this sewing binge. Random.).


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