Suffer for Fashion

November 26, 2008, 6:33 pm
Filed under: Musings

My aunt (aspiring photographer, or something like that) sent our family an email saying she wants to take a picture of all the grandchildren at Thanksgiving tomorrow, and requested that we wear jeans and a black shirt (which…I didn’t bring home. Cool.) and, most importantly, ” no special shoes either b/c you will not be wearing shoes …..”. Now, this is kind of NOT OK. I wear heels. Everyone knows this. Heels are basically a part of my anatomy at this point, and I don’t really think I’m ok with wearing an outfit that does not end with the exclamation point that is my heels. Am I being a whiny baby who should just suck it up? Probably. But this is an issue of identity, and I will stand up for my identity. Taking pictures in clothes with no shoes just seems totally unappealing. If I’m not wearing shoes, I should be wearing clothes to go with that. Namely, a swim suit. So yeah, I admit I am being ridiculous, but the idea of what I will look like in that picture is horrifying to me. Now, I have to go see if I can wiggle my way out of this one.


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