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Wearing: 11/18/08
November 18, 2008, 5:53 pm
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100_2716Ahhhh! Finally! I’m terribly sorry I’ve been so extraordinarily bad at outfit posts. I’ve decided my inability to do them stems from a deep dislike of my closet. It’s the whole “so many clothes and nothing to wear” situation. I’m pretty unsatisfied with…things…right now, and naturally clothes fit into that. I’m being a bit of a lazy bum and just threw on some random crap and dragged my sorry self to music class. Sorry I look so disgruntled in the picture. I was pretty tired, and passed out immediately after taking this picture. Also sorry in advance if posting is a bit spastic this week, I have tons of Charity Fashion Show work (I’m waist deep in designer contacts) and it’s the last week of school before Thanksgiving break, which means a lot of stressing out about final projects and the impending doom that is finals. Oh, but I’ve got a new project that I’ll be working on for the next couple months that should be really awesome! I’ll tell you all about it in a bit.


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