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The Christmas Wishlist
November 27, 2008, 2:38 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m just about to go over to my grandma’s house to stuff my face full of turkey and mashed potatoes and other fun, Thanksgiving-y edibles. And in the spirit of self-indulgence which so permeates the air today, I’m posting my Christmas wish list. I’ve never been into making lists of what I want for Christmas. It seems kind of weird and greedy, telling people what you want for Christmas. When I was little, my relatives would always ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and my sheepish answer would always be “I don’t know…” But the other day, the mothership asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and while I may not ever be able to think of anything to ask my other relatives for, I definitely have things in mind for my parents. With that in mind, I thought up some things that I’ve been craving for a long, long time, and a couple things (not very many, sadly) that might actually be attainable. Hah. I figured that as long as I’m dreaming, I should indulge myself. So, I present my Christmas withlist. A huge percentage of it consists of shoes, and most everything is black/grey. How is that sooo not surprising.


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November 26, 2008, 6:33 pm
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My aunt (aspiring photographer, or something like that) sent our family an email saying she wants to take a picture of all the grandchildren at Thanksgiving tomorrow, and requested that we wear jeans and a black shirt (which…I didn’t bring home. Cool.) and, most importantly, ” no special shoes either b/c you will not be wearing shoes …..”. Now, this is kind of NOT OK. I wear heels. Everyone knows this. Heels are basically a part of my anatomy at this point, and I don’t really think I’m ok with wearing an outfit that does not end with the exclamation point that is my heels. Am I being a whiny baby who should just suck it up? Probably. But this is an issue of identity, and I will stand up for my identity. Taking pictures in clothes with no shoes just seems totally unappealing. If I’m not wearing shoes, I should be wearing clothes to go with that. Namely, a swim suit. So yeah, I admit I am being ridiculous, but the idea of what I will look like in that picture is horrifying to me. Now, I have to go see if I can wiggle my way out of this one.

November 20, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Inspired by:
November 19, 2008, 5:46 pm
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Lori Hersberger‘s awesome neon and glass installations. Actually I like all of her work. But this installation in particular I like. I’m a sucker for broken glass, and the reflections in the glass are amazing.

Wearing: 11/18/08
November 18, 2008, 5:53 pm
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100_2716Ahhhh! Finally! I’m terribly sorry I’ve been so extraordinarily bad at outfit posts. I’ve decided my inability to do them stems from a deep dislike of my closet. It’s the whole “so many clothes and nothing to wear” situation. I’m pretty unsatisfied with…things…right now, and naturally clothes fit into that. I’m being a bit of a lazy bum and just threw on some random crap and dragged my sorry self to music class. Sorry I look so disgruntled in the picture. I was pretty tired, and passed out immediately after taking this picture. Also sorry in advance if posting is a bit spastic this week, I have tons of Charity Fashion Show work (I’m waist deep in designer contacts) and it’s the last week of school before Thanksgiving break, which means a lot of stressing out about final projects and the impending doom that is finals. Oh, but I’ve got a new project that I’ll be working on for the next couple months that should be really awesome! I’ll tell you all about it in a bit.

Congrats Alex!
November 18, 2008, 11:16 am
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Woo woooo wooooo! My favorite, favorite Alexander Wang won the CFDA Fashion Fund award!! He sooooo deserves it, and I’m ecstatic for him. Another one of my favorites, Vena Cava got runner-up. Hooray!

Rogan Gregory, Orchid Whisperer
November 13, 2008, 2:54 pm
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When I saw this video of Rogan Gregory describing his obsession with orchids, it made me like him sooooo much more. Not that I disliked him before, I was just a little…indifferent. But now I like him way more! It’s a well-known fact that orchids are my favorite flowers, and that I am just a little obsessed with them. So yeah, 10 points for Rogan Gregory! Sorry, I tried to embed the video, but WordPress is being evil. Stupid WordPress.