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A New Project!
October 30, 2008, 2:11 pm
Filed under: Charity Fashion Show

So, when I became interested in fashion oh-so-long ago, I pretty much assumed my new obsession and the resulting huge amounts of knowledge I obtained over the years would be pretty much incredibly useless. But it might just come in handy this year (and beyond?)! I’m super super super excited to announce that I’m embarking on a new, amazing project! I found out this morning (when I was rudely awoken 5 am, but that’s another story) that I am one of two head coordinator interns for Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show! The funny thing about Charity Fashion Show this year is that it will be the biggest fashion show on the west coast! How awesome is that?? This is because 1) SF fashion week died, 2) LA fashion week is kind of going down the tubes, and 3) we’re upping the scale of our show a LOT, complete with 1,000 person tent, 70 ft runway, etc. etc.

So basically, my job will be to help the two amazing head coordinators organize the entire thing, with an emphasis on the production side of the show (the other head intern is focusing on the enterprise aspect). This means I will be doing a lot of incredibly different tasks, things like helping with photoshoots, calling designers to convince them to send us samples, all the way down to those normal intern tasks like taking polaroids and packing and returning samples. I’M SO EXCITED. And, guess what, I will keep you posted about it the entire time, so you can share the magic, because I fully intend to mine this incredible experience for all its worth! Hahaha YAY! So get excited and get ready to hear about Charity Fashion Show EVERYWHERE soon, because it’s going to be HUGE.


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