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Alexander Wang S/S ’09
September 6, 2008, 8:55 pm
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YAAAAAAAY HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!!!! Alexander Wang’s show singlehandedly saved my day. 15 minutes ago, I was in an EXTREMELY bad mood, but, as I clicked through looks from his collection, I started to drool instead. He managed to reconcile two different ideas I’ve been obsessed with: the tough, dark mood (as seen in his fall collection) and a drapey, unstructured, lighter mood. I’ve been troubled by these seemingly opposite ideas for a while, and somehow he knew and combined the two! How did he fucking know this is exactly what I wanted?!?! How?!!!? There was jersey! There was knit! There was leather! There were so, so many things that I’ve been wanting to wear, loose, draped tees, tiny dresses, oversized sweaters, blazers (like I said before…EVERYONE IS DOING IT), and PANTS. The kind of pants I’ve been getting more and more obsessed with, which manage to be both tight and loose at the same time. I would call them jodhpurs but they’re not really that. He also redid that awesome leather pant from last season. He did color, and I loved it! Even the pink (GASP!). I honestly think I would wear every piece in the whole show. Gah, this makes me even more excited for the t shirt dress I ordered of his that’s winging its way over to me now (although it’s very plain and not really at crazy cool as any of this new stuff). Alexander Wang, I worship you (I loved you from the beginning! The very beginning! Bay Area pride!).

Witness more of his DOMINANCE!

You are the coolest person ever.

You fucking rule.


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