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It’s What All the Cool Kids Will Be Wearing (Yeah.) Pt. Deux
August 28, 2008, 12:39 am
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Since I had so much shit in the form of pictures and thoughts, I decided to break up this post into two parts. Here is the second part!

So I’m really liking drapey layering for fall. It’s funny, because there was both a lot of structure and architectural shapes (Balenciaga, anyone?) and looser, more draped shapes. I’m a fan of both, but what I love about less rigid shapes is how effortless they look. I love this Preen sweater because you could totally roll out of bed, throw this on over a dress and tights, and run to your early class, and it would be as comfy as wearing pajamas (seriously. You DON’T have to wear pajamas to class. Christ.)! Structure and sharp tailoring are good and all, but deconstructed shapes look more like you just don’t give a damn what you’re wearing, but you look awesome anyway, shit!

I know, way too much of the pictures I put up are black/dark colored. But you could just as easily get those pieces in color, if that’s to your liking. And this will satisfy you weirdos who like to wear lots of colors: fall florals. Now everybody knows florals basically smothered the world last season, and they’re back for another round, but this time they’re a little darker and a little more sophisticated. Like this Karen Walker dress, which has super awesome sleeves and would look awesome with tights and a samurai sword! It’s all about seasonless dressing these days, taking spring pieces and making them work for fall or vice versa.

Another fun (and comfy!) look for fall is TEXTURE. Especially the loopy, wooly, knit kind. But other types of textures are cool too, I’m just obsessed. I mean, it’s pretty safe to say I’m going to be obsessed with anything Alexander Wang dreams up.

And, lastly (finally!) we have the pannntsss. After lots of yo-yoing between skinnies and wide-legs, I think it’s time we combined the two make the Weirdly-Shaped Pant! This is also manifested in many ways, from the rolled, slightly loose pant like these Acne pants. This season’s cool pants come in ankle-length, zippered, jodhpur, loose, and, the version I’m kind of looking to try, pants that have weirdly low crotches and are loose on top but taper in. Don’t worry about it. But hopefully this new season will finally wield a pair of real pants for me!

Now, go forth and fall-icize!


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