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It’s What All the Cool Kids Will Be Wearing (Yeah.)
August 27, 2008, 1:17 pm
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With most of my friends already back at school while I sit around packing extremely slowly (damn the quarter system! rah!), it’s safe to say it’s back-to-school/fall time, even though it’s only late August. So I decided to make a litle fall wardrobe list of ideas and “trends” that I’m feeling good about. It’s not really one of those “fall trend” lists that insists that these are the things that are “in”, because that’s stupid. I believe in filtering what’s coming in in terms of trends and interpreting them with however you’re feeling about your wardrobe. Trends are kind of dying anyway. So these are just things that I’ve noticed and liked about the new fall collections. Do with them what you will.

The first thing I’m liking for fall is dramatic shoulders. We saw this all over the runways, and I’m strangely attracted to interesting shoulders, even though it probably makes me look like a very squat football player. This Phillip Lim dress is a good interpretation of the trend, because it’s not as dramatic as, say, Martin Margiela’s square shoulders, and it’s a little easier to digest for the fainter of heart. And it’s a lot prettier in person.

The second is, predictably, lace. I mean, it’s safe to say that lace is HUGE, since, you know, Prada lace has been in basically every editorial for the past 5 months. I think the main thing about lace is it has to look nice (kind of obvious? yes.). Just buying lace because it’s a trend is dumb, because a lot of lace out there is pretty ugly and cheap-looking. This cardigan from Anthropologie is easy to wear and grey. Two great things.

Next is the Interesting coat. This manifested itself a million different ways on the runways, but they all share the common trait of having some quirky detail that sets them apart and keeps them interesting. The jacket above, for example, has zipper details (my favorite), but other interesting concepts this season include slightly cocooned or voluminous shapes and interesting fabrics. Oh yeah, and it has to be super comfy. Comfort is always in.

And then we have this skirt, which demonstrates several fall trends, but I’m just going to talk about one (another comes later):shininess. We saw a fair amount of this on the runways (Lanvin mirrored dress, anyone?). Now, you might be thinking, “wtf, are you blind? This is not shiny,” but it IS. The hammered silk would add a  little great, understated shine to an outfit of wools and knits, without burning people’s eyes out as the sun reflects off your outfit and melts everything around you, directly contributing to global warming. Or you can go the more direct route and go with Christopher Kane-style paillettes and all that stuffs.

Another thing I’ve been liking more as of late is tiers. This is not the tiers of the boho days of yesteryear (peasant skirts. Ugh.), but subdued, refine, but interesting tiers, like this Vena Cava dress. This is Chris Benz-style tiers, which are kind of cool and crazy.  I tried on a skirt recently that was tiered, and liked it immensely. It’s like a better version of ruffles, which aren’t really my thing. Oh, and one of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet is a black tulle, tiered skirt that I thrifted, and it looks damn fine if I do say so myself.

I’m not done yet! Part 2 coming soooon. Peace.


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where are the mens f/w trends?!

Comment by greg

oof. im kind of bad at menswear. but im working on it since you’re so demanding.

Comment by laurenqn

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