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August 27, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Ok, ok. So my friend G requested I talk about men’s trends (guys actually care about clothes? So confused…), so I guess I will indulge. DISCLAIMER: I know very little about men’s fashion. I watch very few of the men’s shows, and I just don’t have the same kind of mentality about guys’ clothes as I do about girls’ clothes. For example, I know lots and lots of my girl friends love when guys wear suits, but I don’t like suits. I squinch up my face and stick my tongue out at them. I mean, they’re ok, but I tend to think guys look best in a t shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I’m more into street fashion for guys. Weird, huh? I’m all for guys with style and the idea that they should get to express themselves through the the way they dress just like girls and all that crap, but when I start delving too much into what’s “in” in men’s fashion, I get this creepy sense that this is just so girly and the guys should just stop being so girly about their clothes and go…lift some things for me. Or play me music, heh. But, as I want to indulge requests, here is my kind of lame attempt at having a looksie at fall men’s fashion.

First off, we have the military-inspired jacket. The example I have above is from Band of Outsiders, and it’s actually a pretty toned-down military look, but I LOVE Band of Outsiders, so I put it up. The main idea is to have a nice bit of structure and sharp tailoring, with a tiny bit of military detailing, like buttons or shoulder loops (I forget what those things are called. whatever.). This is not a cue to pull out your Seargent Pepper jacket.

Then there is the herringbone jacket. I’m kind of really liking herringbone for guys and me right now after seeing a really cool herringbone floor in Carine Roitfeld’s apartment (yeah, that’s right. I want to dress like a floor). This style also requires restraint, because it’s more fancy schmancy than, say a college sweatshirt(uglyuglyuglyugly). But if you can pull off the slightly dandy look that’s really coming into it’s own without looking overdressed, girls (but maybe not me.) will love you. Trust me. Just don’t look like a tool. I hate tools.

And then we have what I like to call the lumberjack look. Plaid is fucking EVERYWHERE for guys, in both good and not-so-good manifestations. I feel like cut is extremely important in pulling off any of these looks, and that includes the ubiquitous plaid shirt. This one by Steven Alan’s collection for Urban Outfitters is slim but not tight, and isn’t too boxy. It MUSN’T be too loose, or you will actually look like a lumberjack.

Now this isn’t really a “trend” per se (uuugh I’m not a fan of that word), but I like it, and that’s all that matters, right?  It’s the graphic jacket/hoodie/whatever, as demonstrated by Kanye West. Now, I have to say I reaaaaalllly like this jacket. The color, the pixelated ocean-y print, it’s just awesome. Like, I want it. After MUCH investigation (I was supposed to find it so my friend could buy it. I still haven’t. Damn youuu, Kanye) I think it’s actually by Alexander McQueen, but I have yet to find the exact style. In any case, cool graphic jackets are…cool. (why are so many of these things jackets?)

Another big thing right now is layering. I chose this picture of Alexander Wang 1) because I love him and everyone should want to be him 2) because this isn’t how layering was done on the runway, but it’s still good. He chose a cool but casual graphic t shirt with jeans and a sweater, he matches but doesn’t scary-match, he looks like he didn’t try too hard, but he also doesn’t look like a huge slob.

And, last but not least, there are shoes. I like sneakers. I dunno, I just like them. Vans, Nikes, whatever, I just like them. And I WAAAANT these limited edition Pierre Hardy sneakers. They’re just so boss. So yeah. Cool sneakers. Awesomeness.


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