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Hey You, You Take Up Too Much Room on the Dancefloor
August 26, 2008, 10:39 am
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He's got a giant star on his face...

Oh, dear. It’s really getting to be a problem, isn’t it? This morning, I wake up to see that Style File has written about Techtonik, the dance movement that’s exploded in France among us young and beautiful kids, and that there are stores coming here to the US of A. Techtonik is kind of like nu rave on CRACK, as it requires you to basically spaz out as you flail your arms and legs in kind of odd gyrations as you violently assert your techtoniky awesomeness. I have a couple friends from Paris, and when they told me about it, they were not thrilled. Entire clubs are taken over by these kids thrashing about in their ridiculous get-ups. Don’t get me wrong, I thought nu rave was kind of cool like, 4 years ago, but isn’t it kind of tired now? And while it’s kind of fun to see individual people doing their crazy arm circles, in a club it would be kind of obnoxious and even dangerous. What if you take out somebody’s eye with you elbow? It just takes up so much room. So thanks, I’ll stick to my less violent style of dancing and hope Techtonik doesn’t catch on in the States. Oh, and the clothes bore me. And did I mention the style includes lots and lots of leggings? I’m reallllly getting tired of leggings. It’s about time people bought some real tights!!!


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