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Almost as Good as the Real Thing
August 21, 2008, 10:24 am
Filed under: collections, shows

I love fashion shows. That probably seems pretty obvious, but, to me, a show isn’t just a glamorous event to be seen at like the movies make it out to be. Now I’ve sadly never been to a show in my life (Isn’t that sad? Yes. The answer to that is yes.), but from what I hear, unless you’re privileged enough to garner a first-row seat, it’s usually very uncomfortable, very crowded, and involves a lot of waiting around for a minuscule amount of showness. So it’s basically like a ride at Disneyland. What I love about shows is that it’s a chance for the designer to show their clothes in a real-life, dynamic setting, to kind of put their pieces in a certain context, to express their vision in a live format. There’s nothing quite like seeing clothes in real life in order to see the movement, the detailing, and the kind of look that just can’t be captured in a picture. The setting, styling, and music all add and enhance the clothes and help the designer make a statement about his or her vision for the collection. So while I always frantically click away at’s images, I love getting to see videos of whole shows. Which brings me to my point: The Fashion Network. You can download podcasts of the shows! Yeah, I waste a whole lot of time watching them. I’m kind of useless like that. Even more reasons never to leave the comfort of my bed or look away from the mesmerizing glow of my Macbook screen.


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