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A Little Re-edit
August 21, 2008, 1:58 pm
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I basically want my room to look like Erin Wasson's house. Which is kind of impossible.

I basically want my room to look like this. Which is impossible.

To me, fashion and design (as in the interior type) go hand in hand. Don’t ask me how I managed those two. Something about decorating living spaces and decorating myself with clothes is similar in a roundabout way. So my newest “fashion” project has actually been redesigning my rather sad bedroom at home. Since I spend most of the year away from home, my parents have filled my room with the crap they don’t know what to do with, with means that behind the plasma screen TV preventing me from using my desk (and making me watch wayyy too much America’s Next Top Model. urrggg.) is an ugly painting of what looks like barns, and there are lots of ugly acrylic drawers filled with crafting supplies sitting around. So I’m kind of going around my room trying to remove anything that is not black or white (It’s difficult. Believe me.) while bemoaning the fact that there my carpet is mossy green and my walls are have a pinkish tinge and clashes with my vision for the room. So if I seem like I’m posting more about things other than clothes, it’s because I’m spending hours on design sites, looking for inspiration for my redecorating. We’ll see if it yields a better room in the end. I may just run out of steam, which I tend to do.


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