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A Very Uneven Ratio
August 4, 2008, 4:37 pm
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I just got another pair of jeans. I like them, even if I have too many pairs already.

I just got this pair of jeans. I like them, even if I have too many pairs already.

I just went through my large bottom dresser drawer, and I have made an official count. I now have 13 pairs of jeans (unlucky 13, I suppose), and exactly one, count it, one, pair of non-jean pants (not counting sweatpants, which I only reluctantly own). You see, the problem is, jeans are so much easier to shop for. People actually make jeans in my size (ok, so they make jeans for people my size except 6 inches taller, but that’s not an insurmountable problem), yet for some reason it always seems like no one makes pants in my size. They’re always too big, way too long, too loose around the thighs, too wide around the hips, basically they use about twice as much material as I need in a pant. But this means that my closet is very disproportionately filled with jeans and not enough pants. If there are any manufacturers listening, there are small, probably pretty unnoticeable people (or…just me?) who want pants but find only large leg tents in many stores!

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