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Like Taking Candy from a Baby
July 30, 2008, 8:34 am
Filed under: favorite things, My Closet

I did some pretty creative shopping this past week. While making my way through West Village, I visited every Marc Jacobs store (there are a lot. He is kind of taking over the place) and bought some fun stuff. From the kid’s store. Everything was so cheap, I figured I’d take advantage of my tiny, tiny size. I ended up buying a couple things, but I will wear the pieces differently than a kid would, and I’m going to have to make adjustments to a dress I bought. I kind of popped the buttons in the back with my boobs, which is definitely a first. So I’m just going to make the button loops a little longer and wear a belt and voila, a cute little mini dress. The piece I wanted the most was a little blue cotton romper, but they did not have a large enough size, and even then I would have been lucky to squeeze my arms through those teeny little armholes. Remember when you were just beginning to grow enough to be big enough not to wear kid’s clothes, and suddenly it’s so uncool to be wearing kiddy things? Well I have no qualms about using my size to my advantage. Kid’s clothes are usually cheaper, and nobody will be able to recognize where they came from (no more oh-I-saw-that-dress-at-the-store syndrome)! I’m not just sticking to buying women’s clothes, I raid the men’s section, the kid’s section, any place I can find. Nothing is safe (insert evil laugh)! Now, if only there was a kids’ Marc store in San Francisco. I would be there way too much, shopping alongside the 10-year-olds.


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