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Chanel’s Paraiba
July 13, 2008, 11:58 pm
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I am an avid fashion-lover, no doubt about it. But I’m no expert, and in lots of ways I’m really just an outsider looking in on a different world, so I’m reluctant to go around touting my knowledge or anything of that sort. What I do have more knowledge than the average person about is jewelry. I’ve been to my fair share of trade and gem shows, and after going for years now, I still consistently feel like I’m the youngest person there. I have an amazing jeweler (an unusual situation in itself…) who taught my parents and myself a lot, but it has also made me very skeptical. I have seen thousands, and I do mean thousands, of loose stones and jewelry of all types. So as much as I wanted to love Chanel’s new Camelia Paraiba brooch, I see many flaws. Paraiba could be considered one of the most expensive and rare stones in the world today, a stone which is only found in the state of Paraiba in Brazil, which is why so few people know about it. When I saw this brooch, I was a little disappointed, though. Sure, the stone is massive, weighing in at 37.5 carats (take my word that that is just plain massive, if you can’t picture how big that is in your mind.) But paraiba is praised for its brilliant electric blue color. The first time I saw a quality paraiba tourmaline, my jaw dropped. It is just the most electric shade of blue that you question whether it could even be real (my family was lucky enough to obtain a few of these amazing rarities). Chanel’s stone pales in comparison. This is my problem with some jewelry houses’ designs. They sacrifice stone quality for sheer size in an attempt to look impressive, knowing that most people won’t be able to tell. Time to step up your game, Chanel. I’m watching you.


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Dear Editor,

Well, it looks like too big to be the “Real Paraiba Tourmaline“ from Brazil.



Comment by Fernando Motta

That is true. It is probably a Mozambique paraiba.

Comment by laurenqn

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