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Ode to the Editors
July 10, 2008, 12:52 am
Filed under: Carine Roitfeld, Kate Lanphear, Musings

It’s no secret that I adore designers and admire them infinitely for their ability to create beautiful clothes, and manage to do it over and over and over. But while I worship designers for their creative genius, I don’t go around thinking “man, I wish I could design clothes.” My silly friends tell me my sketches are good, I should design clothes, to which I always reply that I’m just not that type. I don’t have visions in my head of amazing new designs or anything of that sort, and I really just think that my narrow little mind is not cut out to design clothes (I’m only marginally better at designing jewelry). So you might say that I view designers as kind of gods: I can admire them, but I cannot be one of them, because I am mortal. Instead, it is editors and stylists that I view as my idols or heroes. Not stylists as in celebrity stylists, their job seems a tad bit boring and minimally creative, but the amazing editors and stylists of magazines and general famousness (no, not you, Rachel Zoe. You seem scary). People like Carine Roitfeld, Emmanuelle Alt (and the rest of the Paris Vogue girls), Katie Grand, and my recent obsession, Kate Lanphear (that’s her picture above). They use clothes and accessories to tell a story, create moods and even whole worlds through fashion, and represent designers’ creations in unexpected and interesting ways. As an outsider to the fashion world, I can only admire their work like a child peering through the windows for a glimpse at the other side. Their styles are impeccable (and waaaaay more interesting than the vast majority of celebrities’ style), their knowledge of fashion is impressive, and they pull together parts from all over the place (be it designers, styles, price points) to create a visual story or statement, which is perhaps what I love best about fashion. So while I gush more often about designers, it’s the editors and stylists I go back to time and again when I need someone to aspire to.

P.S. The interview of Katie Grand, editor of Pop magazine, is really interesting.


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