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AMFI Individuals
July 2, 2008, 7:56 am
Filed under: Amsterdam, shopping

For no particular reason (I think I was reminiscing about things I wish I had bought and will now never have…sad, I know) I was thinking about this amazing shop I stumbled upon last summer in Amsterdam. First of all, I absolutely love Amsterdam. Such a picturesque and interesting city. One of my favorite places I’ve ever been. Anyway, I happened on this store called Individuals, which showcases a rotating cycle of some of the Amersterdam Fashion Institute’s students’ work. I definitely don’t get a chance to own some of the future generation’s clothing (my generation!), so I got pretty excited when I found it. The store is well-edited, very cute, and pretty well priced, considering the pieces are very limited in quantity. The pieces are, in general, subtle, and their beauty lies in the details and interesting cuts, yet they manage to have the little weirdness that I love in clothes. They have that effortlessly cool vibe that makes them pretty easy to wear. I wanted this pair of pants made out of a kind of a grey (of course) sweatpant-like material, so they were incredibly soft and comfortable, but definitely did not look at all like sweatpants. Unfortunately, when I tried to go get them at the last minute, the store was closed! I was really distressed. One day I will return and raid that store again!


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