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Chanel Fall 08 Couture
July 1, 2008, 9:34 pm
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Ah, Chanel. I always look forward to Chanel’s couture show, and it’s usually one of my favorites. Karl Lagerfeld may be controversial, a lot of people might hate him, but I have a lot of respect for him. He’s good at what he does. He takes a few old symbols and manages to make them look fresh and new every. single. season. He’s made countless variations on tweed suits, quilted bags, camellias, and they always look new. I mean, tweed jackets? I don’t even like tweed! And yet, every season he marches out his latest variation on that classic boxy jacket, and I always think it looks fantastic. This season was no different, although it was quite different from the spring couture show inspired by seashells. The tweed suits had really cool, bold shapes, but what I really loved were the dresses (this is couture we’re talking about). The color palette was my favorite black, white, navy, and grey, with some really cool, stiff, architectural shapes. The embroidery and crystal details were absolutely breathtaking, and I really liked the pleating around the waist, skirts, and hems of dresses. There were just a lot of really great elements executed perfectly. It also helps that Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration is so interesting and wide-ranging. Using the organ as inspiration. Only he would ever think to do that. And it worked so well, from the gigantic metal pipes that formed the centerpiece of the space to the tubular pleat-like details that used his inspiration but wasn’t completely obvious. And the Anna Wintour bobs were hilarious.

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