Suffer for Fashion

AA Branches Out?
June 24, 2008, 6:25 pm
Filed under: Musings, News

I cringed a little when I found out that American Apparel is starting a line of “jewelry”. As a jewelry designer, I am always a little appalled by how much really, really crappy jewelry is being made these days. I always wonder who makes this cheap (and i mean cheap-looking, I have no problem with inexpensive stuff) jewelry and thinks it is actually good in some way. And that’s what I kind of feel about the American Apparel line. It seems like a waste of good resources. As Racked aptly put it, it’s less a jewelry than just metal chains. Heck, AA didn’t even make them, the “found them”! What does that even mean? Why?! Just…WHY?!?! Even if you wanted chains for your awesome Mr. T costume, why would you pay close to 50 bucks for them? Please, hipster “I’m so ironic I’ll wear ugly jewelry because it makes me more hip” kids, stay away! Go to a thrift store or something. Those are hip, too, I think.

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