Suffer for Fashion

Qiu Hao
June 20, 2008, 12:27 am
Filed under: Designers, inspiration

I consider myself to have a very minimal knowledge of fashion, especially since I’m not exactly in the business. So I don’t really have a lot of exposure or information about the really emerging designers, because even the designers I am familiar with but the average non-fashion-obsessed person doesn’t know of are pretty famous in the fashion world. I’m no Susie Bubble, who always seems to discover tiny little emerging brands or designers fresh out of design school. But I recently stumbled on the designs of Qiu Hao, a Central St. Martins-educated designer from Shanghai. You don’t hear a lot about designers from China and, in the East, Japan really dominates as the fashion superpower of the region. But Qiu Hao’s designs are interesting because they are a good mixture of wearability and concept. His clothes gently push the envelope without sacrificing wearability and they seem to have great details and lots of subtlety. I found this interesting interview on YouTube. I love when he says that people don’t understand his work, because he doesn’t do it in a drama-laden, suffering artist way, so it really just makes you pay more attention to his clothes and try a little harder to figure out what kind of message he’s sending out through his work. I kind of wish I could go to China and see his clothes now. Feel free to check out the video.


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