Suffer for Fashion

Forgive Me, for I Have Sinned
June 20, 2008, 6:49 pm
Filed under: confessions, My Closet

I have a confession to make. This week, I have been dressing so incredibly badly, and I decided I have to fess up. You see, it’s been sweltering hot here in Northern California (my computer says it is currently 91 degrees. ugh.), and in between frequent trips to the gym in a desperate effort to get back in shape, running errands, unpacking the prodigious amount of stuff I brought back with me from college, and sitting around the house in a dazed, sweaty stupor, I have not been at my sartorial best. When it’s this hot, all I care about is wearing the least amount of clothes possible. It’s really no excuse, I know, but I have difficulty enjoying clothes when IT IS SO GOD FORSAKINGLY HOT. I look something like the picture above, except my white dress is much less cute, I look a lot less perfect, and I can’t be bothered to wear shoes. So I basically look nothing like this, except for the fact that I have taken a liking to lying on the floor. Marble floors are very cold. It is quite nice. But I’m praying that it cools down even just a smidge so I can again care about what I am wearing.

image: source

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