Suffer for Fashion

April 22, 2008, 6:20 pm
Filed under: jewelry, Musings, My Closet

Today is my friend’s birthday (two of my friends, in fact), which, when it’s a girl, almost always calls for me to pull out my gems and put together some jewelry for them. I’m so busy I almost never have time to make jewelry for anything other than birthdays. I love making jewelry for my friends because: 1. I love giving presents, and 2. I like being able to custom make something. Designing a piece of jewelry for a friend lets me really think about a friend’s style in a lot of detail. I love the fact that people can have such distinct senses of style, even if they’re not “into” fashion as much as, say, me (which is…all my friends except one). It’s interesting to sit at my desk with unorganized little bags of gems and rolls of chain and pliers everywhere, thinking about what kinds of colors, silhouettes, and styles of clothing my friends prefer. I pride myself on being able to really be able to get a sense of what other people like to wear, and then designing them a piece of jewelry that they like because it fits with their style personality. The other day I was having one of the best conversations I’ve ever had about fashion, and one of my friends asked me to describe different people’s styles. I realized that I couldn’t even really put into words how my friends dress, because it’s more of an inexplicable thing where you can just tell what they like. It’s kind of funny because everyone has a very specific way of dressing, whether or not they really know it, but the way I think about my clothes and the way I dress seems so schizophrenic and sometime totally random (at least to me). Some days I’ll wear a headband Indian-style and my friend will call me a hippie, other days I’ll wear a blazer and tailored pieces, etc. etc. I’m greedy, I want to wear every look, try everything, and I dress totally on a whim. So, while I can easily pinpoint everyone else’s style and describe it at least a little, I don’t really know how I would explain the way I dress. Sorry for rambling, I just think it’s interesting.


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