Suffer for Fashion

So Jealous.
January 25, 2008, 4:42 am
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(photo courtesy the amazing Sartorialist)

I Have Been Betrayed!
January 22, 2008, 8:54 pm
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My love of nice shoes can be really frustrating. I admit that I’m too spoiled for my own good when it comes to shoes. Everything about nice shoes makes them seem infinitely better than their cheaper counterparts. The silhouettes, the workmanship, the colors, and the designs just can’t be imitated. So when I bought a cheap pair of boots a couple months ago for winter I was a little nervous. I just couldn’t bring myself to splurge for a pair of those amazing Louboutins. But since it’s cold and rainy, I’ve been wearing my boots a lot, because I refuse to wear those polka dotted rubber rain boots everyone on campus seems to wear. For a while it wasn’t too bad, the heel wasn’t as high as I would normally wear, but overall they were decent. But recently they’ve started to hurt my feet. Foot, to be exact. The right one. I would put them on and the arch of my right foot would feel like it was somehow being crushed. So now I am once again on the lookout for a good pair of boots. I guess the only cheap shoes I can really trust are my sneakers.

Yay Color?
January 22, 2008, 7:28 am
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Even though it’s only January, I’m starting to hear an awful lot of talk about spring and how we will all be wanting to wear crazy, happy neons and brights. Well, boo, I say. I have not yet had enough of lots of layers, wearing my hair tucked into scarves, and of course, lots and lots of my beloved grey. I guess after having months to digest the spring shows I am in lots of ways ready for spring, but all this talk of bright colors and happy shiny flowers popping up everywhere is making me a little sad. Bright colors as a new “trend” is a little dumb to me. Bright colors in spring. How novel. Bah. I’m not ready to give up wearing dark colors and the rainy weather is definitely not making me want to skip around in bright pink dresses (not that that would ever be likely). I’m more excited about the strong, slightly sinister colors of spring a la Miu Miu and Lanvin. But who knows, maybe when the weather improves I’ll be more excited to don girly florals and skip down the street in large amounts of eye-popping colors. Hmm…nah.

(And yes, I do love the new Miu Miu ads. Such amazing purple-y colors!)